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Bob's has the most modern equipment available for the repair of your instrument.


Here we see a bassoon being tested for leaks. The magnehelic machine can detect air leaks as small as your fingerprint!


The dent macnine is used to remove dents in bell flares and tapers.

The Magnetic Dent Removal System, or MDRS for short, is the best way to remove dents in bottom bows of tubas and marching brass. A steel ball is placed inside the bow and a powerful magnet is moved along the outside removing the dents from the inside out.

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A Word About Cleanings

Chemical cleanings have been the traditional method to clean an instrument. This usually involved a cleaning solution such as Exo-kleen, or an industrial toilet bowl cleaner. All are corrosive and removed not only the dirt, but metal, as well. The wear on the instrument was only being accelerated. Sometimes only the tuning slides of brass instruments are placed in the solution since lacquer sometimes is removed.

Bob's Brass & Woodwind Repair uses the ultrasonic cleaning method which is superior in many ways. The cleaning solution is very, very mild. Only 1 ounce is added per gallon of water. While the chem-cleans are passive, the ultrasonic cleaning is dynamic. It uses sound waves to alternately expand and compress the water molecules causing a mild scrubbing action to take place. As long as the solution is present, cleaning is taking place. French horns are cleaned amazingly well compared to either a bathtub wash, or a standard cleaning.