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Straubinger Flutes - www.straubingerflutes.com - are makers of fine handmade flutes. In addition, they produce the finest pad available for professional flutes. To repair a flute with these pads installed a technician must take Straubinger's pad course and be certified.


Kinderflute Academy - www.kinderflute-academy.com Kinderflute Academy is run by Molly Shortridge. Designed for beginners from age 4 and up, the program uses the Nuvo flute designed specifically for small hands. The program also incorporates fun, kinesthetic learning techniques.


NAPBIRT - National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Techinicians is an association of repair technicians. Once a year a conference is held for 3 days where clincs are offered and various repair procedures are discussed. Vendors and technicians from around the world present new tools and ideas for the repair of instruments.


Ultrasonic Power Company - www.upcorp.com - is the manufacturer of fine ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Using high frequency sound waves to expand and contract water molecules a scubbing action takes place and cleans the parts. Much more affective than the passive chem cleans and less harmful to the instrument.